Black Swan Data

The world’s gone crazy and you’ve got campaigns to run.

You need to know what your customers are truly thinking.

Don’t rely on guesswork, you need data you can trust.

Real data and insights for brand managers

By listening to millions of consumer conversations and collating the data in easy to digest insights, we empower you with the real-time data you need to:

  • create market leading messaging that drive impactful campaigns
  • rapidly pivot social media responses
  • plan for the future based on accurate modelling

We provide you with insights for two key categories:

Snacking and non-alcoholic beverages

The COVID-19 crisis is the largest economic event of our lifetimes. We can help you make decisions based on real data and insights all brought to you by retail strategists and data experts. Optimo Designs, one of Australia's leading brand and creative agency with deep expertise in the retail and FMCG categories, has partnered with Black Swan Data, a London-based global technology and consumer insights leader. Black Swan uses Artificial Intelligence to unlock the power of social data, reviews and real-time conversations to accurately predict the future needs and wants of consumers.

How Black Swan data works:

Every day millions of people share their needs, wants, frustrations and desires on social media networks. This rich and robust data source has the power to transform how we surface and deploy consumer insights. So while some brands are still struggling to unlock the full potential of this data - others take advantage of Black Swan Data to transform unstructured data into ready to use scientific predictions.

Leave your details below. One of our researchers will call for a personal report tour or email or call +61 413 813 305:

What Black Swan Data delivers

Updated every two weeks, Black Swan Data reports the ongoing and always changing impact of COVID-19 on two specific consumer categories—Snacking & non-alcoholic beverages.

By analysing millions of real-time online consumer conversations, it evaluates, ranks and predicts category trends by future growth potential, helping you determine which trends will matter most to your consumers.

Utilising Black Swan Data’s proprietary datasets, technology and data science models, we cut through the noise and surface key changes to the category from the past two weeks.

The questions Black Swan Data answers

  • What signals are there of changing consumer attitudes and behaviour in my category?
  • Which products and ingredients are consumers associating with COVID-19 and why?
  • How can brands use these signals to drive better communication and brand performance outcomes?
  • Are these themes likely to sustain?
  • Which functional benefits could I up-weigh in my packaging and communication?
  • How does what's happening now compare to what was important pre-COVID-19?

What actions can Black Swan help you take

  • Ensure you get a return on your investment, from new product development through to shaping budgets
  • How to act as a brand - what to keep doing and stop doing, identify the trends and cultural drivers that will emerge, grow and continue as the COVID-19 crisis plays out
  • How to shape marketing communications and spend in the next three months and inform your vision for the next 12 months
  • How your brand can play a role in consumers lives right now by understanding what keeps them up at night and what is starting to play on their minds
  • Ensure messages are on-point and resonate with your target audience at a deeper level
  • Make informed decisions on where to place your media spend for the most effective return on investment and why

The daily drumbeat of news and COVID-19 soundbites may encourage brands to interpret and react with haste. But remember: this is an artificial environment, it’s too early to make meaningful long-term predictions. You need real data and insights.

Who uses the reports?

  • Brand managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Directors of snacking or non-alcoholic beverage brands
  • Advertising and PR agencies with snacking and non-alcoholic beverage clients
  • Consulting and Research firms

Two categories: Snacking and non-alcoholic


  • bubblegum
  • cakes and snack cakes
  • cheese
  • cheese snacks
  • chips
  • chocolate bars
  • chocolate blocks
  • confectionary
  • cookies
  • crackers
  • dessert snacks
  • dips
  • doughnuts
  • fruit buns
  • fudge
  • ice cream
  • icy poles
  • lollies
  • lollipops
  • marshmallows
  • muesli bars
  • nuts
  • popcorn
  • pretzels
  • rice cakes
  • snack bars

Non-alcoholic beverages

  • chai drinks
  • coconut water
  • coffee
  • cordial
  • energy drinks
  • flavoured milk
  • flavoured water
  • hot chocolate
  • juice
  • kombucha
  • mineral water
  • mixers
  • smoothies
  • soda water
  • soft drinks
  • sports drinks
  • tea
  • vitamin water

Frequently asked questions

What time period does the report cover?
Each report covers the last two-week period.

What is the batch of six reports?
The batch of six gives you access to insights for six two-week periods. This gives you the ability to track the changes and better predict future trends. 

What if I’m not happy with the report?
We are very confident that you will be impressed. Once you have downloaded the report we are unable to offer a refund. 

How do I order the reports?
Simply fill out the contact form above and our team will give you a call to take you through the ordering process.

Do the reports cover the Australian market?
Yes. We have enough data to run reports on trends specific to the Australian consumer sentiment.

Can I access global trends in my reports?
Yes, you get data for US & Europe as an additional bundle.

How many conversations are listened to, on average?
A typical two-week period will cover up to 70 million conversations. Your report will specify the exact number of conversations monitored during the relevant two-week period. 

What social media platforms do you monitor?

  • Social
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • news sites
  • forums 
  • blog comments

How do you monitor conversations?
We use sophisticated proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) tools to monitor conversations.

What’s included in each report? 

  • key takeaways
  • insights into the direct result of COVID-19 on consumers
  • changes in opinions (what’s hot and what’s not)
  • recent trends
  • key topics of conversation
  • key product mentions
  • key ingredients and functional benefits
  • negatives (what are people worried about)
  • topics to watch

During the COVID-19 crisis, everyone’s got an opinion.

Don’t listen to opinions. Use the data and insights.